About us

I'm a keen mini painter, gamer, gardener and photographer!
Everything I sell in my shop, i would like to paint and use myself xxx


I am a TableTop gamer who invested in 3D Printers for making some terrain pieces and miniatures for myself and my family. 
To have fun making these things and send them out to you guys is what i like to do.

Everything in the shop is PRINT TO ORDER! 
Why do I do this and not just stock everything? Well that is down to time, effort and guessing what I might sell. It's better to print to order as I can focus on making sure I do my very best for you.
I know waiting is a bit of a hassle, but I'm not a factory mass producing. I hand make, Hand Clean, Hand Pack these awesome gaming things for you! 

My Printers
Currently, I have a print farm consisting of ANYCUBIC, FLASHFORGE, CREALITY, ELEGOO, and LOTMAXX. 
Our PLA Printers run at the best resolutions I can get from them.
I also print somewhere between 0.15 and 0.2 when printing PLA.
I do not just print at the fastest speeds to send you mediocre prints.
Our RESIN Printers are all 4K Monochromatic.
Its the highest quality we can produce.  
Enjoy! and happy painting :D