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STL Print Service - printing of your own STL-files

STL Print Service - printing of your own STL-files

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Have a look here, to see how this all works :)

If you have an STL file but no printer, get your miniature printed here :)

Please contact me on for special orders - otherwise follow instructions underneath :)

Purchase an stl file of a miniature from Hero Forge or similar. You will receive an email with a link to Download the miniature you designed. This will be an STL format.

You now own the miniature so you can get it printed as many times as you like.

Send me the STL file and I will print it for you! Email it to me on

What you are paying for is for me to print the miniature for you, clean it and prepare it, post it out to you.

Contact me with an questions regarding this service.

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